Xbash Posses Combination of Ransomware, Botnet & Coinmining In Worm


Xbash : One of The Most Malicious Malware That Makes Headline In 2018

In the category of Trojan, Xbash is top ranked dangerous malware and it has potential to be one of the malicious threats in order to make headlines in year 2018. First of all, it was discovered by the Palo Alto Networks and it is able to target both Windows and the Linux servers. After the depth analysis by researchers, they revealed that Xbash is written in the Python and this malware has several features that tie together to cause several troubles.

Things That Makes Xbash More Threatening

There are several things that make Xbash even more threatening. It is capable of infecting other Computers and servers if they are linked to the network. Actually it happened becaue it adds worm feature and increase the seriousness of malicious threat. Some of the security researchers also revealed that it posses the capabilities of botnet, ransomware, worm and cryptojacking.

Know How Does Xbash Operate Inside The PC

Xbash is a most vicious and disasterous malware that operates inside the PC via Command & Control server that feeds malware with the continous stream of ID addresses. In order to determinate that what typer pf services and software are exe3cuting on the infected server, this malware scans a large number of System ports. The con artists of this malware have programmed it to look for the specific purposes that are used for the file transfer, database management, remote desktop access etc. If any services are active then Xbash tries to identify their version and check whether users are using login credentials. After that it allow remote hackers to perform their shady operation and transferred all gathered data to C&C server.

Notorious Behavior of Xbash

As soon as Xbash gets installed, it targets three database management software prducts named MySQL, PostgreSQL and the MongoDB. Bear in your mind that it doesn’t make attempt top preserve database by either exporting or encrypting it to the hacker’s server. It wipes almost all data and then replaces it with new databases entitled as PLEASE_READ_ME_XYZ. Newly created database includes just only a single table titled WARNING and the inside it is a ransom message that instructs users to send 0.02 BTC to Xbash developer.

Most Noticeable Feature of Xbash

One of the most noteable feature of Xbash is the cryptocurrency mining. It scans System in deep and if users have a coin miner execuiting then it automatically disable and wipe it off their PC instead of replacing it with their own coin mining took. It ensures that coin miner will execute each time when server is restarted. In short, Xbash is too much dangerous for affected machine. Therefore, victim must opt an appropriate solution regarding the deletion of Xbash.