WhatsApp Targeted: Users Need To Update App after Pegasus Spyware Attack


If you are a WhatsApp freak then you need to be cautious as recently a flaw has been reported within Whatsapp messaging application and has been discovered this week lately. A severe threat identified as Pegasus Malware is suspected to have been installed on the mobile phones and devices along with Whatsapp. This has been confirmed by Facebook as a security advisory which was released this Monday only. Also they have categorically stated the versions of WhatsApp that has been outlined and might have been infected. It has been further advised by Facebook’s messaging application which is so popular world wide to update WhatsApp as soon as possible to the latest version to prevent any vulnerability that might allow hackers get an easy access to remote code execution which is sent to targeted phone numbers. This is not the first time such a security flaw has surrounded this popular messaging App as even last year Facebook had rescued WhatsApp against potential violation of privacy.

According to researchers the WhatsApp flaw allows and enables the app to be compromised by just a missed call to the targeted phone numbers. Yes, you read it right so your favorite app can be targeted with just a missed call. This has been suspected work of an Israeli Company targeting users of specific area. If reports are to be believed, more than 1.5 billion WhatsApp users have been targeted and their devices have been infected. The reports further says that both Android as well as iOS devices having WhatsApp installed on them might have been infected with possibly Pegasus Malware spyware attack.

According to researchers, this malware has been developed and is a handy work of NSO Group, which is infamous for creating such malicious threats and uploading on Dark Web. Once it get installed along with some legit application and gives an easy access to hackers to listen to the voice calls and send messages on WhatsApp. This has left users with no other remedial action other than uninstalling the app and installing the latest version of WhatsApp app on their phones and devices. So if you do not want to be a target of hackers and don’t wish to have your data compromised on WhatsApp, better update your WhatsApp to the latest version and be safe.