What is a keylogger and how to remove it?


What do you know about keylogger?

Keylogger is actually a malicious software or hardware that gets installed on user machine secretly without asking for their approval. This malicious program is capable to track the keyboard as well as mouse inputs to collect user’s personal data including username, password, login details and other personal data. If you think that it only captures the keystrokes then you are wrong because it is capable to capture logs of mouse clicks, accessed folders as well as files, visited sites details and many more. The worst thing of keylogger is that it is capable to steal user’s bank account details, social security number, PIN and several other financial detail. In short, keylogger doesn’t only ruin user’s PC badly but also exploits their privacy. To keep all sensitive data safe for longer, deletion of keylogger is highly recommended.

What are the sources through which keylogger affects users?

Keylogger is a worst tactic used by team of cyber criminals to gather victim’s personal data. It uses both legal and illegal method to turn system user to victim. The legitimate keylogger often installed on system manually by system’s administrator who really needs privileges. Cyber hackers can easily break into PC and setup their keylogger. Whereas the illegal or malicious keylogger gets inside the machine with help of another parasites including Trojans, backdoors, viruses and many more. It is capable to affects all systems executing on Windows OS.

What are the malicious features of keylogger?

  • Logs the keystroke on keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • Captures user’s activities screenshot at specific interval of time.
  • Monitor’s the activity of user by entering data, recording web addresses of visited pages and related data.
  • Automatically captures the online chat conversation on the instant messenger.
  • Makes an unauthorized copy of incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.
  • Records user’s login names and bank account details.
  • Saves all captured detail into file on hard disks and send to required e-mail address and many more.

How to remove keylogger?

Method 1 : Start Your PC In Safe Mode with Networking

Instruction For Windows XP / Vista / 7 Users

  • Click on Start >> Shutdown >> Restart >> OK button.
  • When PC becomes active, press on F8 key continuously until you see the window of ‘Advanced Boot Options’.
  • From the appeared window, choose Safe Mode with Networking option.

Instruction For Windows 8/10 Users

  • At windows login screen, press on Power button.
  • Press and hold Shift key and then after click on Restart button.
  • Choose Troubleshoot >> click on Advanced options >> select Startup Settings option.
  • In the opened Startup Settings window, choose option of ‘Enable Safe Mode with Networking’.

Method 2 : Delete keylogger from Windows installed programs

  • Start your PC.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • In the opened window of Control Panel, click on Uninstall a program option under Programs category.
  • Now, list of all installed programs will be displayed on your screen.
  • In which you have to locate keylogger related program.
  • Right-click on selected keylogger program and then after click on Uninstall button.

Method 3 : Restore Your Computer Files & Settings

  • At first, open the Command Prompt window.
  • In the opened command prompt, type cd restore and press on Enter key.
  • After that type rstrui.exe and hit on Enter key.
  • Now, System Restore window will be opened on your screen, click on Next button.
  • On next, you have to choose your restore point and proceed the instruction by pressing on Next button.
  • If a confirmation box will be appear on your screen click on yes button.