WebCobra – Russian origin crypto-malware mines Monero and Zcash


Recently team of malware researchers from the McAfee labs has discovered a new crypto-jacking malware named WebCobra that utilizes computing power to mine Monero and Zcash. If your PC gets sluggish suddenly and heated all of the time then it might possible that your PC is contaminated with a Russian malware named WebCobra. To get complete detail about this malware, go through with this post completely.

WebCobra : Identified As A New Silent Killer Malware

According to the researchers of McAfee Labs, WebCobra is a new Russian crypto-jacking malware that arrives on user PC silently via fake or rogue software installer that System users install accidentally or deliberately. It is mainly known to leverages users computing power in order to mine digital cryptocurrencies named Zcash and Monero.

Things That WebCobra Do After Penetrating Inside The PC

Once WebCobra infected your PC, mining software will utilize user’s surplus computation power in order to mine the cryptocurrencies. After penetrating inside the PC, it infects users PC by installing Claymore’s Zcash miner or Cryptonight miner depends on the victim’s machine configuration. This malware is originated in Russia and but it has been spotted around the global world. Cryptonight miner code is injected into the executing process of x86 systems and the process monitor is launched while WebCobra deploys the Claymore’s Zcash miner code on x64 systems from the remote servers after examining System’s GPU.

Symptoms To Recognize The Presence of WebCobra In Your PC

  • Makes your PC Sluggish – After infecting your PC, WebCobra automatically executes several malicious processes and applications in System background which as a result makes PC sluggish than before. If your PC’s performance also degrade out of sudden then you may affected by WebCobra.
  • Increased Power Consumption – It is capable to increase the Computer’s power consumption. If you are getting high electricity bill then it also confirm that your device is contaminated with a Cryptojacking malware named WebCobra.
  • Modifies System Settings – Due to the presence of WebCobra on your PC, you may noticed several unexpected modification in your System as well as crucial settings and many more.

Tips To Protect Your PC Against WebCobra

  1. Users must install a trusted or well-reputed security application.
  2. Users must maintain the good cyber hygiene.
  3. Don’t click on suspicious link or third-party ads.
  4. Don’t open any spam emails or junk mail attachment.
  5. Avoid yourself from downloading any suspicious browser add-on or extensions and many more.