Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware Easily With Expert Guidelines


A new strain of the Cerber malware family namely Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware has been discovered by computer security researchers for being utilized in live attacks. The below mentioned removal guide is here only for the sole purpose of providing the PC users with effective technical assistance on the complete as well as permanent removal of Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware from the PC. The guide additionally also includes healthy tips on the prevention of system from the aforementioned ransomware or several other similar type of ransomwares.

Technical Details About Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware


Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware

File Extensions

Four-character randomly generated string

Ransom Amount


Solution #1

One can skip all the steps and can eliminate  Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware easily as well as quickly with the help of an efficient antivirus program.

Solution #2

Infection can get removed manually. Now though it is hectic (especially for the novice PC users), but can get executed via implementing the instructions listed below


Via vicious ads, freeware downloads, spam email campaigns etc


Encrypts  the files stored in the system and makes them totally inaccessible to the users.

Complete Information About Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware

Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware is a hazardous infection for the PC which get downloaded silently inside the computer system along with the binary payload dropper. It upon being proliferated successfully, evolves tons of disastrous issues inside the PC similar to those of numerous other menacing infections. In the case of this ransomware infections, first of all files are downloaded resembling system data and ordinary files. Moreover, crucial settings of the Windows OS are modified and several new processes are generated for creating a persistent environment. Besides from this, numerous files are intruded on the host PC and alteration is brought in the wscript.exe script for changing system’s vital files (including stdole2.tlb, msxml3.dll, sortdefault.nls, Wscript.exe and many more) located in the %System32% and %Microsoft% directories.

Now though most of the practices implemented by Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware resembles to those of various other threatening infections, but yet there is a major difference that it unlike them, do not delete the shadow volume copies of the compromised host. That means that the recovery of encrypted data is possible without making payment of the asked amount of ransom money.

Distribution Of Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware

Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware makes usage of the combination of the Rig (RIG-V version) exploit kit and the Nemucod payload dropper (aka Nemucod downloader). These two hacking utilities basically makes usage of the spam email messages that are delivered in bulk to compromise the victims utilizing .JS files. These messages are generally concealed to appear as a legitimate financial statements, documents or several other types of data that the users can access.

Harmful Impacts Of Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware

  • Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware modifies the system’s crucial settings.
  • Flood the entire infected device’s screen with countless fake scary messages.
  • Gathers the user’s private stuff and transfer it to the online marketing agents for commercial purpose.
  • Installs several other threatening infections in the PC and makes it’s speed extremely slow and sluggish.

Therefore, to keep the PC away from all such threatening issues as well as to operate it smoothly, an urgent uninstallation of Updated Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware is needed.

Follow Steps to Delete Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware from PC

Step A: Know How to Reboot Windows PC in Safe Mode (This guide is meant for novice users)

Step B: Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware removal Using System Restore

Still, if you are facing problem in rebooting PC in Safe mode, opt for System Restore. Follow the steps given below.

Prss F8 continously until you get Windows Advanced Options Menu on Computer Monitor. Now Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt Option and Tap enter


In the Command Prompt Windows, you need to type this command : cd restore and Select Enter



Now type rstrui.exe as command and press on Enter


This will open a new window to Restore System Files and Settings. Click on Next to proceed.


Restore Point is to be selected from the date you want to restore back your system as it was earlier to Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware attack


Step C Another method for recovering your decrypted files are file recovery software

If above methods are not successful you can go for file recovery software. It can be helpful in recovering your encrypted files as Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware first makes a copy of original files and then encrypt it. After encryption it deletes the original files. So there is high probability that these file recovery software can help you in recovering your original files.

Step: D Know How to Restore Shadow Copies of Encrypted Data

In certain cases, if Uninstall Red CERBER 2017 Ransomware has not deleted the Shadow Copies of the data then it can be easily restored using ShadowExplorer. (Know how to install and use ShadowExplorer)