Easy ANSWER TO PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Removal From Windows (7/8/10)


PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE is really a potentially unwanted program that your cyber crooks possess dangerous for the computer systems having Windows OS installed in them. It similar to those of various other undesired programs of the same group, obtain added onto the targeted program, without the user’s permission or prior knowledge. It inside a case to be left unattended, quickly wreaks havoc and make an individual lose his/her little bit of mind.

PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE mostly initiates the execution of several malicious methods via firstly obtaining control over whole PC and re-seizing it’s preset Windows registry settings. Crooks generally brought this particular alteration for the purpose of grabbing persistence in the machine. It moreover following this, modifies the system’s default browser’s configurations without looking for the user’s recognition. It bombard the entire compromised device’s display screen with loads of intrusive advertisements, which though at the beginning glance appears genuine as well as applicable, however as a matter of known fact poses redirection to many phishing domain upon getting clicked. This redirection degrades the system’s web browsing efficiency considerably, making it in genuine terms hectic for the users to browse web about it.

Advertisements by PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE furthermore occupies PC’s tremendous magnitude of obtainable resources, which eventually results in the decrement within the system’s working speed on huge extent. Puppy besides, poses negative traits to the user’s personal privacy via gathering their credential stuff and exposing it to the online crooks with regard to several marketing reasons. It earns numerous other menacing malware infections inside PC with no user’s awareness. Therefore, to liberate the Personal computer from all such undesired modification, it really is literally very important for the users to remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE from it.

How PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Lurks Inside Personal computer ?

PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE alike those of several other undesired programs of the same group, proliferates itself very silently in the targeted system with freeware software program (download-managers, PDF creators, video recording/loading) which acquired bundled to their installation these sort of programs. This undesired program besides, might comes loaded within the custom installers on numerous download sites (such as for example CNET, Brothersoft or Softonic). Hence, inside a case if you have downloaded a software program from either of the websites,chances are high that PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE was set up during the software program setup procedure.


  • Deactivate USB Autorun-Â Kindly usually do not maintain ‘Autorun’ option enabled on the display drives as specialists possess reported them adding to the security dangers, besides inflicting the PC with PUPs.
  • Download stuff just from reliable resource and with direct download link-Numerous download site do provide free download via their downloader or installer, however they also provide direct download link. Thus, it’s advocated to always find out the direct download hyperlink.
  • Avoid P2P Programs –Â It is preferred to do not even give in to the P2P or peer-to-peer applications as they could be susceptible to PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE risks and may inflict the Computer with PUPs

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PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Deletion Solution from Compromised PC

Step 1 : Reboot PC in Safe Mode and Networking To Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE

Before initiating PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Deletion, users need to reboot PC in Safe Mode. In case you are fully acquainted with it, you can proceed further, else click the link to know how to reboot PC in Safe Mode and Networking. (Win 7/8/10, XP/Vista/ Included.)

Step 2 : Guide To Unhide Hidden Files and Folders Related to PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE

  • Go to Start Menu, click on Control Panel and then Folder Options.
  • Tap on View tab >> Advance Setting Category and select Hidden Files or Folders.
  • Then after, you need to tick on Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Finally, click on Apply and then hit OK button.


Step 3 : Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE From Windows Task Manager.

    • You need to open task manager by right click on taskbar and selecting start task manager as shown in picture


  • Now look at the various processes running and identify them PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE process , if they look suspicious then you need to end them.
  • You can search for various processes running on google and take your decision about suspicious processes.


Step 4 : PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Deletion From Control Panel

    • Now you need to open control panel. For this you need to run “appwiz.cpl” in run window
    • Press Win key and R together, a window will appear. Now write “appwiz.cpl” to open control panel.


  • Now look out for add remove program in control panel. Open it and Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE or any suspicious programs installed.


Step 5 : Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE related startup entries

    • Now you need to remove startup entries which are suspicious or not needed.
    • Click win key and R key together, a window will open write “msconfig” and hit enter


  • Now you need to go to the startup tab and browse through list of programs and uncheck suspicious programs from the list


Note : You must be able to Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE by following these steps..If still facing problem, Opt for Automatic PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE Deletion Process using Avast Free Antivirus.


Guide To Remove PUP.OPTIONAL.DRIVETHELIFE from your PC using Automatic Process