Tips on Easy Uninstallation of GameOver Zeus From Windows PC (Proven Working Guide)


uninstall GameOver Zeus

Detailed Description About GameOver Zeus

Being known for almost a decade and labeled by distinct names such as GameOver Trojan, P2PZeus and GOZ, GameOver Zeus has been characterized as a stubborn Trojan infection for the Windows PC which the malware researchers have reported emerged in 2006. Including capability of posing negative consequences onto almost all the latest versions of Windows OS, this threat has been proven a severe infection for the PC. It similar to those of various other virus infections of the Trojan family, penetrates itself silently in the Windows PC without the user's assent. It onto being installed successfully, causes numerous hazardous issues in the system.

GameOver Zeus usually firstly grab control over PC and then alters it's default Windows registry settings. This alteration makes the infection capable enough to acquire automatic activation in the system with each Windows reboot. Threat moreover besides from this, enables the crooks to get remote access to the computer system and sniff their private information such as banking logins, passwords and other financial content. It moreover, penetrates various other menacing infections inside system. Analysts have notified this particular infection actively propagating in October 2013 and contaminating the systems with ransomware threat namely Cryptolocker. This ransomware onto being installed successfully in the system, poses encryption operation onto the system's crucial files and later then demands payment regarding decryption.

GameOver Zeus furthermore, degrades the PC's working speed badly by proliferating numerous junk files in the system's hard drive. It additionally deletes the PC's vital files and terminates number of crucial applications. This infection in order to make it literally hectic for the users to detect and then eradicate it from the PC, disables the antimalware program existing in it. Therefore, to keep the PC away from all such nasty traits as well as to utilize it smoothly, undoubtedly an urgent uninstallation of GameOver Zeus is required from the PC.

How GameOver Zeus Penetrates Inside PC ?

  • GameOver Zeus generally gets propagated through junk emails and their respective malicious attachments.
  • Downloading freeware, shareware and drive-by-downloads also leads to the penetration of this Trojan threat inside system.
  • Infection besides, might proliferates itself through contaminated external storage devices, online games and corrupted hardwares.

Manual Process To Get Rid Of GameOver Zeus From OS

Step 1: Know Simple Steps To Reboot Your OS in Safe Mode (This page is meant for novice users who can follow the Simple Steps To start their OS in Safe mode.)

Step 2: Click Here and Know Simple Steps To Unhide files and folders. (This step should not be ignored as various malicious files created by GameOver Zeus can remain hidden. It is necessary to Get Rid Of such files before proceeding any further.)

Step 3: Click Start Key + R and copy + paste appwiz.cpl then press OK.

This will open Control Panel. Now look for all GameOver Zeus related suspicious entries and Get Rid Of it at once. Now Type msconfig in the search box and press enter. Uncheck suspicious and GameOver Zeus related entries.

Step: 4 Click on Start Key and then copy paste the following command and click on OK.

  • Notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts.
  • Now, a new file will open. If your OS has been hacked by GameOver Zeus, there will be a bunch of unknown IPs connected to the machine at the bottom. Look at the image below :

  • If there are lots of suspicious IPs below Localhost, then Take Down it without any delay.

Step 5: Tap on CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys in Combination. Go to the Processes Tab and try to determine which one is a GameOver Zeus process.

  • Right click on each of the GameOver Zeus processes separately and select the Open File Location. End process after you open the folder. Then after, Get Rid Of the directories you were sent to.

Step 6: In Windows search field, type Regedit and tap on Enter.

  • Once inside, press the CTRL and F together and type the GameOver Zeus. Right click and Get Rid Of any entries that you find with a similar name. If they do not show in this way, then go Assistance For to these directories and Get Rid Of them.

Step 7: If still you are unable to Get Rid Of GameOver Zeus using above stated manual process, then you can try HitmanPro free tool (This will lead users to page from where they can easily download this free tool.)