StalinLocker Prompts Users To Enter The Right Code or Face File Deletion


StalinLocker Ransomware Asks Victims To Input Right Code

At the starting of May 2018, a new crypto-malware dubbed as StalinLocker Ransomware has been discovered. According to the security analysts, it mainly targeted the Russian speaking System users and the most interesting facts about this ransomware is that it doesn’t require any cryptocurrency ransom for decryption key but it dares the affected users to guess unlock code themselves. It also mentioned in the screen note that if you not enter the right code in 10 minutes, StalinLocker Ransomware will delete your all files stored in disks.


Important Facts That You Must Familiar With StalinLocker Ransomware

StalinLocker Ransomware is a new in-development wiper/screenlocker that infected wide range of Windows PC is just short period of time. According to the experts, it has been created to test Slavic Internet user’s patriotism, knowledge if the USSR and punish the person who are not supporters. This variant of ransomware is mainly powered by Soviet times ideology. Doesn’t matter which part of world you live in, what language you speak, it can infect you and delete your all stored files. It is able to attack almost all PC executing on Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Me, NT, Server, XP, 7, 8/8.1 and the latest version Windows 10. After performing its encryption procedure, it display see that displays Stalin while playing USSR anthem and displaying the countdown until all stored files are deleted. Another harmful ransomware are : Bkransomware RansomwareKrakatowis RansomwareKraken ransomware and much more

Activities Performed By StalinLocker Ransomware After Attacking PC

  • Attacks almost all file types and PCs.
  • Extract “USSR_Anthem.mp3” file to %UserProfile%\AppData\Local folder and after that play it.
  • Copies itself and create an autorun named “Stalin” that start the StalinLocker Ransomware when System users logs into the PC.
  • Attempt action to terminate users crucial procedures.
  • Create dat file, write the current amount of left seconds divided by 3.
  • Terminate the procedure of Windows Task Manager.
  • Tries to create the Scheduled Task named Driver Update to start the executable file StalinLocker Ransomware, dubbed as Stalin.exe.

Tips To Avoid StalinLocker Ransomware Attack

While using PC, if you out of sudden header old USSR anthem and see red banner with Stalin, it is confirm that your System is contaminated with StalinLocker Ransomware. In the appeared screen lock, affected users must enter a passcode, 1922.12.30. This code is efficient one to exit the screenlocker of StalinLocker Ransomware and delete the stalin.exe autorun. System users can easily avoid the StalinLocker Ransomware attack and other ransomware infection by opting some simple and easy safeguard tips including :

  1. Always check the content before downloading them.
  2. Use a good and trustworthy anti-virus tool.
  3. Always use Custom/Advanced option instead of Typical/Default one to download and install any freeware packages.
  4. Keep a backup of your installed applications or files.
  5. Keep your installed application and operating System always up-to-date

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