Solved: How to Delete JsZipProtect64.sys From Contaminated PC


JsZipProtect64.sys Description

Research report of this week has unveiled that JsZipProtect64.sys trojan is in the wild and at the time of writing it has already compromised thousands of computers around the whole world. Usually, it infiltrates targeted computer through fake program downloads including games, videos, music and more. You should note that the trojan is written in JavaScript programming languages. It means it is created to target your web browsers in order to spy on your online activities. Apparently, the trojan purloins your credentials and transmit it to third parties via numerous remote locations. Beware of that JsZipProtect64.sys is not easy to identify because it hides deeply and attempts clever approaches to hide from malware scanner.

JsZipProtect64.sys removal

The prime motive of releasing this trojan is to gather a bundle of information about victims and share these data with interested third parties to gain some profit. Please remember that third parties could be an online marketer or remote hacker or con artists. Thus, you might receive hundreds of spam phone calls and emails containing unbelievable offers. We suggest you to avoid communicating with con artists in order to keep everything safe. It worth mentioning that JsZipProtect64.sys trojan creates hundreds of unnecessary files and folder onto your computer and consumes system resource. As a result, you notice a several unwanted activities onto your computer.

Ideas to Deal with JsZipProtect64.sys Trojan horse

As you know, the trojan arrives onto your computer via spam email attachments and the updates that you install from certainly redirected websites. Hence, you have to avoid making wrong moves like click suspicious attachment file and installing updates without verifying the source first. Also, before copying files from infected Pendrive or Hard disk, you have to scan the device first. This way you can minimize the risk of attack of JsZipProtect64.sys trojan.

Next, if you want to secure your computer completely then you have to install a multi-layered security software onto your computer. Do not forget to activate it with a valid licensed key to get real time protection. Now, you should delete JsZipProtect64.sys from your computer using following guideline:

FrenchRésolu: comment supprimer JsZipProtect64.sys de PC contaminé
ItalianRisolto: Come eliminare JsZipProtect64.sys dal PC contaminato
GermanGelöst: Wie lösche ich JsZipProtect64.sys von verunreinigtem PC
PolishRozwiązano: Jak usunąć JsZipProtect64.sys Z Zanieczyszczonego PC
PortugeseResolvido: como excluir JsZipProtect64.sys do PC contaminado
SpanishResuelto: Cómo eliminar JsZipProtect64.sys de PC contaminada

Manual Instructions To Remove JsZipProtect64.sys From Operating System (Working Guide)

Step : 1 Know How To Use Safe Mode With Networking To Remove JsZipProtect64.sys

For Windows XP | Vista | 7

  • Keep on tapping F8 until Advanced Boot Options Window appears.
  • Now select Safe Mode with Networking option from the list.

For Windows 8/ 10

  • Press Power button at the bottom of Windows Login screen. Press and Hold Shift button on the keyboard and tap restart.
  • Tap Troubleshoot Under Advanced Option in Startup settings and press on Restart.
  • Now select Enable Safe Mode with Networking in Start up settings.

Step: 2 Know How To Reveal Hidden Files and Folders. (This page will guide users on Know How To reveal hidden files in Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Users are instructed not to skip this step in any case as various files and folders created by JsZipProtect64.sys might be hidden and need to be Eraseed before proceeding further.)

Step 3: Hold Start Key + R and copy + paste appwiz.cpl OK.

  • This will open Control Panel. Now look for all JsZipProtect64.sys related suspicious entries and Remove it at once. Now Type msconfig in the search box and press enter. Uncheck suspicious and JsZipProtect64.sys related entries.

Step: 4 Press Start Key and copy paste the following command and click on OK.

  • Notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts.
  • Now, a new file will open. If your Operating System has been hacked by JsZipProtect64.sys, there will be a bunch of unknown IPs connected to the machine at the bottom. Look at the image below:

  • If there are lots of suspicious IPs below Localhost, then Erase it without any delay.

Step 5: Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key simultaneously. Go to the Processes Tab and try to determine which one is a JsZipProtect64.sys process.

  • Right click on each of the JsZipProtect64.sys processes separately and select the Open File Location. End process after you open the folder. Then after, Remove the directories you were sent to.

Step 6: Type Regedit in Windows search field and hit Enter.

  • Once inside, press the CTRL and F together and type the JsZipProtect64.sys. Right click and Remove any entries that you find with a similar name. If they do not show in this way, then go Tips For to these directories and Remove them.

Step 7: Know How To Scan JsZipProtect64.sys Using Free Tool

Still if JsZipProtect64.sys exists on your Operating System, then you need to Free scan your Operating System with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software. This page has clear installation instructions and Know How To use it.