Sobig.F Worm : The “F” or sixth version of the SoBig Worm


The aim of this page is to delete Sobig.F Worm easily and safely. If your PC is affected by this worm and if you are looking for an effective solution to get rid of it then luckily you are at the right place. Go through with this article completely and get an effective removal tip to delete Sobig.F Worm from infected PC.

What is Sobig.F Worm?

Sobig.F Worm is a new variant of the Worm:32/Sobig that has been found on 19th August 2003. This worm is known as a relaunched e-mail worm that effects thousands of user Systems each day. It has been effected millions of System users because it spread to more than 134 countries. Since it belongs to the So Big family so it cause lots of disruption. It mainly attacks on all System that runs on Windows based Operating System such as Windows XP, Vista, Me, Server 2003, 2005, 2008, 7, 8, 10 and so on.

According to the British security firm Message labs, it has been reported that this Trojan intercepts one millions copies of virus within 24-hours. After intruding into your PC, it automatically replicates itself and allows third-parties to execute more actions on targeted PC. The original variant of Sobig.F Worm is distributed via Spam e-mail for dubious or marketing purposes. Like other Trojan infection, it is designed by cyber crooks for monetized purposes.

Arrival Details of Sobig.F Worm :

Sobig.F Worm is mainly distributed over the PC via Spam-emails. It is created by cyber hackers as a System backdoor for financial purposes. Once you opened any mail attachments that arrived from unverified sources or locations, it automatically execute itself. As it is a Trojan, so it embedded itself in the host System and create a pathway for hackers to access PC remotely. Along with Spam-emails, it cam be downloaded into your PC secretly with bundled of freeware programs. After entering into your PC, it find out the all open network routes and them embedded its malicious codes itself into several System folders such as C:, D:, E: and start-up folder. To avoid its detection from security tools and software, it disguise itself as System files. After entering into PC, it drops a copes of itself into the affected System like: %Windows%\winppr32.exe. %Windows% is a Windows folder, which usually found in C:\Windows.

Autostart Technique of Sobig.F Worm:

Sobig.F Worm usually adds the registry entries into your System files to enables its execution automatically at System startup:
TrayX = “%Windows%\winppr32.exe /sinc”

TrayX = “%Windows%\winppr32.exe /sinc”

Impacts of Sobig.F Worm:

Due to several unsolicited files and software, the host files may slows down your System performance speed. The notorious files of this Trojan can makes harms to your registry entries. It usually opens the System backdoor and introduces more malicious malware to corrupts your System’s functions. Besides this, it is capable to change your browser and System settings, so that it can leave you to cyber crooks data access and control. Since, this worm is very harmful for your PC, so you should delete Sobig.F Worm as soon as possible.

How to protected yourself from being affected by Sobig.F Worm?

Sobig.F Worm is really one of the most dangerous System threat that can destroy your PC badly. If you really want to safe your files and PC from the attack of this worm then you have to take some prevention tips. You should always keeps a backup of your data and files, so that you can easily recovered your data which are lost due to unwanted reasons. E-mails are one of the most popular way through which it injects its malicious code into your PC, so you should be very aware while accessing or opening any mail attachments. Never open those mail attachments that arrived from unverified names, sources or locations. Make practice to download anything from only trusted and relevant sites and use only Advanced or Custom installation option in setting wizards rather than Default installation option. As all we known very well that “Prevention is better than Cure”. So you can easily avoid your PC from being affected by  Sobig.F Worm.