SamSam Ransomware That Attacked Atlanta Likely To Strike Again

SamSam Ransomware

Recently, the city of Atlanta has experienced the attack of notorious SamSam Ransomware and the security analysts together with federal agencies are trying their best in order to recover the damages caused by this malware. Cyber security researchers from FBI, Cisco, Microsoft and U.S Departmental of Homeland Security were trying to figure out the what kind of informations the hackers have accessed. Although, the mayor of the city of Atlanta assures that none of the personal data were compromised after the attack of SamSam Ransomware. Due to this vicious cyber attack, experts also notified that the malware will strike again and may cause big damages to government agencies.

After the malware finished the data encryption procedure, the operators of this ransomware have dropped a ransom notification which consists complete information on how to regain access to the systems affected by SamSam Ransomware. It delivers the three step guide to user’s machine which explaining the process of decryption method. In addition to that, cyber extortionists behind the attack of this vicious threat allowed the officials of Atlanta to choose whether they want to decode an individual machine or the entire network. The ransom note of SamSam Ransomware states that the victims need to pay 0.8 Bitcoin for unlocking an individual system or 6 Bitcoins for the whole network.

Furthermore, the hackers also instruct to submit a comment onto the web portal including given host name after paying asked ransom money. Then after, developers of SamSam Ransomware promises to provide a decryption code that will unlock the devices and restore all compromised files saved onto them. However, it is not yet confirmed that the officials of Atlanta city have agreed to pay asked ransom money or not. Encountering the malicious attacks like SamSam Ransomware, malware researchers are still working on investigation of this breach. At the time of writing this security article, it is unclear that how this malware manages to infect the computers.

Most important, in order to remain safe and protected from such vicious attacks is to take preemptive measures while browsing the web. Meanwhile, one of the main reason why such file-encoder viruses like SamSam Ransomware are lurking into the cyber space is that compromised users continue to finance the racketeers by paying asked ransom money. First of all, it is vital to educate individuals and businesses about the cyber security tips and ways how to protect from ransomware attacks. Few important tips are avoid downloading paid apps on suspicious portals for free, refrain from opening junk email attachments arrived from unknown senders, store backup copies on Cloud or other external storages and always use a professional anti-malware tool.