Method To Restore a Missing Windows Desktop After Malware Attack


At the time of using Windows operating system, there are some cases, where the Windows Desktop icon will not be displayed. When such unpleasant issues occur on your Windows machine, instead of seeing the desktop, you will be presented with a blank screen after you try to login to your Windows PC. Although, this behavior may be caused by a Trojan virus that have already infiltrated the computer without your knowledge. Nowadays, there are some notorious Trojan threats which creates a malicious registry that hides the item like Windows Desktop icon in order to block your access to any legit system files or program.

Besides, it also happens due to the mis-configured applications that blocks the legitimate system process known as ‘Explorer.exe’ from executing. In case, if the explorer process cannot be launched, you will not see the Windows desktop after you login to the system. However, if it happens due to the attack of dangerous computer virus like Trojan or ransomware, then you need to delete them first and then try to restore a missing Windows Desktop icon. This article is especially created for you to guide you through restoring the missing Windows Desktop icons if it is not displayed on your system screen. So, you need to follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

  • If you are not seeing the Windows Desktop due to the attack of notorious computer virus, then go through the URL address provided below and follow the instructions that will help you to eliminate malicious virus completely from your infected PC.

For malware removal, kindly visit:

  • However, if you are not able to locate the Windows Desktop or start menu after login to your machine, then you need to launch the process ‘explorer.exe’ manually through the Windows Task Manager. To launch the Task Manager, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ keys altogether to display the Security Screen of your Windows computer.

  • From the appeared screen, tap on the option ‘Task Manager’ and it will launch the Task Manager immediately.

  • Now, you need to click on ‘More Details’ in order to launch a task.

  • There after, it will display a more detailed screen which consists a menu at the top of the appeared computer screen.

  • In this screen, to open a new task dialog box, you need to click on ‘Run new task’ option.

  • Type ‘explorer’ in the appeared ‘create new task’ box and click on ‘OK’ button.

  • Once you clicked on ‘OK’ button, the ‘explorer.exe’ process will initiate and then you will notice the start menu and desktop again.