Guide To Restore Mac To The Previous Date


Restoring system to earlier date is practiced frequently by user’s to improve the slow speed and performance. Similar to Windows system, Mac system can also be restored to an earlier state. Mac OS comes with some advanced features and to restore system to previous date it provides an inbuilt System Restore feature. This feature is very useful to optimize system speed when Mac become slow, start displaying error or freeze time to time.

Method To Restore Mac to the Earlier Date

The inbuilt feature provided by Mac to restore it to previous state is known as Time Machine. In order to use this feature and restore system, first you need to set the Time machine. But many user don’t set this feature and in that case they can’t restore Mac OS to previous date because system doesn’t have copies of previous date. So in order to restore system using Time machine, you need to first setup it. To do that, you need to follow the below given steps :

  • First connect an external hard drive to Mac system
  • Now go to Apple menu and select System Preferences

  • Click on Time Machine and select Backup Disk option
  • Select external hard drive and click on Use Disk option.

  • For data security, click on Add or Remove Backup Disk

Once you set-up Time machine, it will automatically create backups of 24 hour or daily backup for previous month. In order to create backup immediately, you need to select Back Up Now option from menu of Time machine. Once you create Time machine backup, you can use this option to restore your system to previous date. To do that you need to start OS X Recovery Tool.

Steps To Launch Mac OS X Recovery Tool

  • Restart your Mac and simultaneously press Command key + R keys

  • OS X Recovery Tool will launch on system
  • Choose Restore from Time Machine Backup option

  • Select the backup which you have created using Time machine
  • Wait until the system restore. It may take some time.

In case you don’t have Time Capsule and you have not created backup then the only option left to restore Mac to earlier state is to reinstall it. But before you do it, backup your important files because re-installing Mac OS X will erase files saved on the system.

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