Remove Cerber Ransomware & its variant

Complete Guide About Cerber Ransomware And Its Removal


Cerber Ransomware is a noxious cryptoLocker threat, that used to encrypt the users data and demand payment. The Cerber Ransomware is a type of Win-locker that does not allow its victims to access their machines. It uses strongest encryption algorithm i.e AES-256 ( Advance Encryption Standard) to makes files become inaccessible stored on users system. Usually Advance Encryption Standard algorithm used for encrypt the files and generate unique decryption key. Afterward this decryption key is sent to cyber criminals to threatened the victim. Once the Cerber Ransomware injected into system, it starts encryption from target file. Once the encryption process accomplished successfully. It displays text notification warning message to victim’s PC.

The virus name is written in Capital Latter with Large Font. It states about why files have been Infected and what they want. The contents is in two files .txt and .html formats with similar content. The deadline is set by hackers for one week. The developer of ransomware threated to user if they ransom fee i.e 1.24 BTC is not paid on give time frame. All the files become destroyed if not paid. The payment mode is in BITCOINS and use Tor Browser to perform Transaction. Once the user paid this ransom fee, there is no surety that all the files restore by hackers. There will be another chance of Transaction data theft by hackers and destroy decryption key. After infection primarily the virus access varieties of files types to encrypt. The important file such as Database, custom programs, text documents, Internet files, archives, multimedia etc. The Cerber Ransomware uses new techniques to represent his file in VBScript Form. The .vbs file contains a VBScript file which plays an audio message for victim. After encryption, the virus uses the . cerber file extensions. The malicious file may be located in the following place.

%AppData%\{2ED2A2FE-872C-D4A0-17AC-E301404F1CBA}\ folder

Expert says, the Ransomware virus is still unknown. Peoples have thought that this corrupt program was developed by Russian hackers. The reason behind this win-locker does not target computers, of following 12 countries or regions such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Armenia. All of these countries were once part of the USSR. Only the Baltic states are not exempted from its attack.

The Cerber Ransomware uses different files to tell the victims about his presence. These files places every folder which is encrypted. The Files title is #DECRYPT MY FILES#.txt, #DECRYPT MY FILES#.html and #DECRYPT MY FILE#.vbs. User will notice something is wrong when you try to open your system as well as various files. Due to invasion, user cannot open any of the files. It makes your system performance slow down significantly. It is best for computer user immediately takes action to remove Cerber Ransomware from PC by use of verified removal resources.

Harmful Impact of Cerber Ransomware Over Infected Computer

Encrypt Files – All important files from system may encrypt with .cerber file extension. Most files like doc, custom program, archives, text documents become encrypted . Even though it also encrypt the database from windows. The hacker uses public key to decrypt the files.

Threatened User for Ransom – After successfully encryption of all files from Compromised PC. The hackers threaten to user to pay ransom fee to certain period or else files destroyed forever.

Lock The system – The creber Ransomware is type of Win-locker that lock the Computer.

Remove Cerber Ransomware From PC Immediately

Cerber Ransomware is a dangerous infection develop by cyber crook to earn money easily from computer users. Therefore, we recommended you not to waste time as well money on hopeless decryption. Instead, you have to take immediate action to remove Cerber Ransomware completely so to make safe you PC.

Method 1

ShadowExplorer can be really helpful in restoring your file encrypted by Cerber Ransomware

When Cerber Ransomware attacks it generally tries to delete all shadows copies which is stored in your computer. But there are chances that Cerber Ransomware is not able to delete the shadow copies everytime. So you need to restore the original files using shadow copies.

Follow these simple steps to restore original files through shadowexplorer

  1. you need to download shadowexplorer link from
  2. Install it on your system
  3. Now you need to open shadowexplorer and select c: drive on left panel
  1. img1Now choose at least one month ago date from date field.
  2. Now you need to go to the folder which have encrypted filed.
  3. Now right click the encrypted files
  4. You need to export the original files and choose a destination to store them.

Method 2

System restore can be another method to restore your encrypted files

1. Open start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System tools >> System Restore

img22. Click next to go to restore window

img33. See what restore points are available for you , choose a restore point at least 20 to 30 days back.

4. Once selecting click next

5. Choose disk c: (it must be selected by default)

6. Now click next and system restore will start working and will be able to finish in few minutes.

Method 3

Another method for recovering your decrypted files are file recovery software

If above 2 methods are not successful you can go for file recovery software. It can be helpful in recovering your encrypted files as Cerber Ransomware first makes a copy of original files and then encrypt it. After encryption it deletes the original files. So there is high probability that these file recovery software can help you in recovering your original files. You can find links to some best file recovery software below.

1. Recuva : you can download from
2. Testdisk: you can download from
3. Undelete360: you can get it from
4. Pandora Recovery: you can download from
5. Minitool partition recovery: you can get it from