MindLost Ransomware Created By Hackers To Collect Credit/Debit Card Details



Recently team of malware researchers have discovered a new version of malware named MindLost Ransomware. Similar to other ransomware it’s infiltration channels and intention is same but the most noticeable thing about this variant of ransomware infection is that after locking files, it leads victims to an online page in order to pay the ransom demanded fee via Credit or Debit card. Still, it is under the development phase. First of all, it’s sample were spotted by the team of security researcher back to January 15th, 2018. This ransomware identifies itself as the MindLost but the legitimate Microosft detected it as the Paggalangrypt.

Malicious Doings of MindLost Ransomware

Similar to traditional ransomware, it also infiltrate inside Windows PC secretly and after that start to conduct series of malicious task. On the affected machine, it mainly targets the small amount if files. It encrypts files stored in C:\\Users directory containing numerous file extensions including .jpg, .c, .mp3, .pdf, .mp4, .py, .png, .txt, .py and many more. The most interesting fact about this ransomware is that it does not aim to target MS Office files like other crypto-malwares do. Once locking files, it automatically changes desktop wallpaper and provides instructions to victim on how to get files back. See the text presented in ransom message :

Depth Information About Ransom Message Displayed By MindLost Ransomware

The displayed ransom note instructs System users to visit, mindlost.azurewebsites[.]net domain in order to decrypt file. It also asks users to pay ransom demanded fee but the strange facts is that it does not ask victim for payment via digital currency, BitCoin but via Credit or Debit card. To proceed the transaction procedure, it claims user to register as the merchant and give wealth detail abo[ut themselves. According to the security analysts, it asks victims for their all senstive datail for conducting several fraudulent operations or sell them to another cyber hackers.

No Need To Pay Demanded Fee of MindLost Ransomware

After getting files inaccessible, most of the novice users easily get agreed to make payment via Credit card. If you are also one of them them you must know that it is one of the worst decision of your life because ransom message is just only a tricky things ised by cyber criminals to trick victim and earn online money from them. According to the security analysts, hackers often ignore victim and they don’t deliver any decryption key once ransom is paid. To get files back, System users must use backup copy. But to keep data and PC safe from further malware infection, it is highly advised to delete MindLost Ransomware from Windows PC immediately.

Distribution Campaigns of MindLost Ransomware

  • via malicious spam emails or junk mail attachments
  • via bogus software downloads and updates
  • via malvertising, hacked or gambling site
  • via software bundling method
  • via exploit kits, fake software updater, drive-by-downloads and many more.

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