Mamcached DDoS Attackers Blackmail Companies For Asking Ransom Fee in Monero Cryptocurrency


After the hiatus, the attackers comes with the series of new DDoS attack and now they have introduced themselves with a new method for launching the DDoS attacks which is really too much devastating than before. According to the security analysts, cyber hackers are now launching the record breaking DDoS attacks, where victims are highly required to pay ransom fee in order to prevent the cyber attacks. One of the most noticeable different thing of this attack from previous one is that now attackers have embedded a ransom note in traffic which seems as follow :

There are numerous distributed denial of service were launched over past well against the wide range of targets and targeted servers. Last week, the service of Internet was attack by one of the biggest ever DDoS attack by abusing Memcached protocol to power the memcached DdoS attacks. According to the researchers, threat actors in wild will abuse the misconfigured severs of memcached in the future attacks. This attack is believed to be biggest ever recorded because it infects 1.35 terabytes per second of data.

To launch DDoS attacks with an intention of extorting targets with the cryptocurrency demand is common but now the cyber hackers are issuing demand within inbound traffic low. As per the analysis report of Akamai, there are more than 50,000 exposed memcached system can be exploited to launch the massive DDoS attacks. Instead of the blasting targets with UDP packets containing the random data, a group of cyber hackers is dropping a short message inside the packets that asks victims to pay 50 Monero to a Monero address which cost around $17,000

First of all, RDoS attacks have appeared in year 2015 and referred to as the DDoS for Bitcoin. The group of cyber hackers often send suspicious emails or messages to several companies and threaten them to launch DDoS attack unless they paid ransom fee. The DDoS also referred as RDoS tactics has become popular among the groups of cyber-criminals.

In the past, the attackers or cyber criminals did not have firewire to start the DDoS attacks if any victims ignored ransom demanded fee but the memcached based DDoS extortions are quite different from other. Cyber hackers have DDoS cannon to take down the companies because of large number of the unsecured severs of memcached. Victims are likely to pay huge amount of ransom fee under the heavy attack.

Is Paying Money Necessary?

No, not at all because according to one of the most popular Radware’s Security Researcher named Daniel Smith, paying ransom money won’t help any companies at all because hackers often used same Monero address for the several DDoS attacks against the various targets. Attackers unable to tell victims which of the several targets they attacks to paid ransom. If any victims paid ransom fee then they will lose their valuable data and money forever.

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