Mac OS X Targeted by Linux and Windows Backdoor Malware


The well said line “Macs don’t get viruses” is now seems be wrong as a backdoor Trojan which till date capable to infect Linux and Windows system are now after Mac OS X. Yes, it’s true Linux and the Windows Backdoor comes with Mac Version too. The threat named Linux.Ekocms which was first discovered in early month of this year ie January 2016 is a backdoor Trojan known for popularity to infect Linux computers only. It main purpose to allow Cyber criminals to record audio and take the screen-shots onto infected machines.

However, the big news comes about ten days later from researchers at Dr.Web. They found that many of the Linux.Ekocms features found in another Trojan namely Mokes. After analyzing Mokes, it was found that the very Trojan was coded in C++ and Qt, a cross-platform application framework capable to infect most secure Mac system. Some day before that’s on September 7th Kaspersky firm reported that they have detected the first Mokes samples able to target Mac systems. OS X version of Mokes features same like the Linux and Windows versions. After it successfully installed onto Mac computer it opens an encrypted connection via AES-256-CBC and with its C&C server.

After connection done completely, the very backdoor Trojan Mokes starts it malicious activities. Through connection made, Cyber crooks send instructions to the Trojan. Mostly the commands include scanning for office-related documents, taking screenshots of the user’s desktop especially logging keystroke, capturing the audio and video and camera activities. Malware targeting Linux and Mac devices incidents have increased significantly in recent month.