How to remove spyware easily and completely


If you have reached at this tutorial guide then it is confirmed that your Windows machine is contaminated with a spyware and you are in search of it’s deletion solution. Since, it hides itself in several files as well as folders in PC. So, the removal of spyware is quite difficult. Well, no need to be worry at all because with this guide you will delete spyware from your PC easily and completely.

Facts of Spyware That You Must Know

Spyware is a term used by cyber criminals for the malicious software. It finds it’s own way to penetrate inside the machine without user’s approval. It often attach itself to OS and do lots of action to maintain itself on user machine. Doesn’t matter how it invades on user machine, it executes itself in system’s background, monitor user’s activities and collect their sensitive information. Besides, it also capable to captures user’s keystrokes, desktop screenshots, web form data, information related to Internet usage, authentication details and many more. In short, Spyware is capable to release user’s privacy, so removal of Spyware is essential.

Symptoms To Recognize The Presence of Spyware

  • Drastically degrades Internet and Computer working speed.
  • Frequent browser and system crashes.
  • Appearances of several new toolbars on user browser.
  • Occurrences of unwanted pop-ups on entire webpages while surfing Internet.
  • Modification in homepage and default setting.
  • Occurrences of several new icon and files on desktop screen etc.

Manual Instruction To Remove Spyware From PC

Solution 1 : Start Your PC In Safe mode with networking

  • Click on Start icon and choose Restart option.
  • When System starting Restart process, press F8 key continuously until Windows Advanced Option menu will be displayed on your screen.
  • From the displayed list, you have to choose option of Safe Mode with Networking.

Solution 2 : Kill All Spyware Related Malicious Process

  • Go to Start icon >> click on Run option.
  • In the Run box, type tskmgr and hit on OK button.
  • Now, Windows Task Manger window will be opened on your screen.
  • Go to the ‘Processes’ tab.
  • Locate Spyware related process and click on End task button.

Solution 3 : Deleted Spyware From Windows Registry Entries

  • Press on Start icon and open Run box.
  • In opened window of Run dialog box, type regedit and hit on OK button.
  • Go to Edit menu.
  • Search for Spyware related registry entries by clicking on Find… option.
  • Right-click on object and choose Export option.
  • Now, right-click on entry and click on Delete option.

Solution 4 : Find & Delete Hidden Files To Remove Spyware

  • Click on My Computer icon.
  • After that click on drop down icon to expand Ribbon.
  • Go to Folders option window.
  • Click on View menu and mark on the Hidden items.
  • On next, navigate to My Computer, choose ‘This PC’ and then enter name of files that you are really looking for.
  • Right-click on detected Spyware related file and click on Delete option.

Solution 5 : Remove Spyware By Disabling The Startup Programs

  • Start your PC.
  • Right-click on Start icon and choose option of Task Manager.
  • Now, Task Manager window will be opened on your screen.
  • Go to Startup section.
  • Here, you have to choose item that you really want to disable.
  • Choose it and click on Disable button.