How To Fix Windows 10 “critical error your Start menu isn’t working”


Are you encountering Start menu isn’t working error message? There after does it crashes your Start menu? Or does this simply freezes your PC and blocks your access to installed applications? Looking for an easy and effective solution to fix Windows 10 “critical error your Start menu isn’t working”. If so, reading this post will be beneficial for you. Keep reading this post and follow the easy and effective solution step-by-step.

Windows 10 “critical error your Start menu isn’t working” : Know All Info About It

“critical error your Start menu isn’t working” is an error message often face by almost all Windows 10 users at some instance of time. Although, Windows 10 is one of the most latest and the anticipated version of MS Windows that comes with several major modification in OS based on the services and GUI. Such type of error message usually occur when user have upgraded their previous Windows version to Widows 10. this error has been registered a couple of years ago bur it harasses Windows 10 System users till today. Behind the appearances of such an error message, there are numerous factors responsible but among all some of them are :

  • Problems with Microsoft account
  • Missing, corrupt, deleted or damaged System files
  • Deletion of registry entries
  • Malware infection
  • Improper upgrading of Windows 10 OS and many more.

Instruction on How To Fix Windows 10 “critical error your Start menu isn’t working”

Tips 1 : Boot Your Windows 10 PC Into Safe Mode with Networking

    • Hold down Shift key while pressing Power icon and then after click on Restart option.

    • In the Windows Recovery Environment, choose Troubleshoot option.

    • On the next window, select Advanced option then after go to the Startup Settings.

    • From the appeared window, choose Advanced options and then after go to Startup Settings.

    • Now, click on Restart option.

    • When your PC reboots, press F5 key to start your Windows 10 PC into Safe Mode with Networking.

Tips 2 : Install Recent Windows 10 Update

    • Press Win+R key together to bring Run box.

    • In the Run box, type ms-settings and press on Enter key.

    • On Settings, click on Update & Security and then after Check for updates.

Tips 3 : Re-Register The Start Menu

    • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together to launch Windows Task Manager.

    • Now, choose File option and then after click on Run new task.

    • In the new task box, type powershell and mark on Create this task with administrative privileges option.

  • Click on OK button.
  • On the new PowerShell Window, type Get-appxpackage -all *shellexperience* -packagetype bundle |% {add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installlocation + “\appxmetadata\appxbundlemanifest.xml”)} and then after press on Enter key.
  • Lastly close the PowerShell and restart your Windows PC.

Tips 4 : Hide Cortana From Taskbar

    • Right click on taskbar where you see Cortana and then after you must choose Hidden option.
    • Now wait for a second and then right-click on taskbar.
    • Go to Cortana and then after choose Show search icon.

  • At last restart your PC.

Tips 5 : Create a New User Account

    • Open Task Manager by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” key.

    • Go to File > Run new task.

    • On appeared popup, type cmd and check on the box labeled as ‘Create this task with administrative privileges”. Then after press on Enter key.

  • On Command Prompt, type net user /add admin1 password1 and press on Enter key to execute it.
  • Close Command Prompt now.

Tips 6 : Restore Your PC To Earlier State Point

    • Press Win+R key together to bring up Run box.

    • Type rstrui.exe and then after hit on Enter key to launch System Restore option.

    • System Restore window will be open on your screen. Click on Next button.

    • On the next window, choose a Restore Point at which you really want to restore your PC and then after click on Next button.

    • Lastly follow, the step-by-step wizard to complete the procedure.