How To Fix Epson Error 0x97?


Do you have a Epson Printer? Is your printer suddenly stopped working and now displaying an Epson Error 0x97 on the screen of the printer? Are you constantly getting this error while using your Epson Printer? Then no need top get upset because here in this article you will get to know about all the techniques to fix Epson Error 0x97 immediately. Therefore, try to carefully read and follow all the troubleshooting steps that are provided in this post.

Undoubtedly the Epson is one of the reputed name in the field of best printers in the market. This Epson Error 0x97 occurs due to some internal hardware issue. Usually this type of error is displayed on the screen while printing is in process and suddenly printer stops working. There are several websites that suggest to download some unreliable Epson Error 0x97 repair utility tool. But we strongly suggests you not to trust on such fake third party softwares.

Causes Of Epson Error 0x97

First of all try to know that are the factors responsible for the occurrence of Epson Error 0x97 o the screen of printer. Some are as listed below.

  • It can be caused due to internal hardware problems.
  • Failure of motherboard component of the printer.
  • If your ink cartridge is not connected properly.

If you are using an Epson printer for a very long time then there is high possibility of getting such kinds of Epson Error 0x97 at any point of time while printing any essential document without any warning or prior information. Hence, if you really want to resolve this Epson Error 0x97 then must try any the solution techniques that are suggested as below in this tutorial.

Five Effective Ways To Fix Epson Error 0x97

Method 1. Disconnect and Reconnect The Printer

Step1- First of all completely cancel each printing work.
Step2- Now disconnect all the USB cables and other cables of your Epson printer. And also try to unplug the printer from your laptop also.
Step3- Then open the printer cover and remove all the jammed papers properly.

Step4- Try to remove all the printing cartridges and then re-insert it again.
Step5- Press the power button as you are turning on the printer, so that discharge any residual current in the printer.
Step6- Now wait for few seconds and then reconnect all the USB and power cables.
Step7- Finally switch On the printer and check if the Epson Error 0x97 is fixed or not.

If the this technique is unable to fix Epson Error 0x97 then should try another method.

Method 2. Disconnect and Reconnect The Printer in Inverse Order

This is a variant solution for the first method. Is that did not worked then should try this method to confirm if this error is occurred due to internal hardware problem.

Step1- First of all turn off your printer by pressing Power button.
Step2- Now removal all USB and power cables from the printers. And wait for 5 minutes.

Step3- Press and hold the power button for about 1 minute.
Step4- While pressing the power button plug in all the USB cables.
Step5- Hold the power button for another 60 seconds after connecting all the USB cables.

Step6- Now connect the power cable and hold the power button for another 1 minute.
Step7- Then release the power button also.

Now check if the printer is displaying Epson Error 0x97 or not. If still you are getting such error then must try another troubleshooting technique.

Method 3. Clean The Clogged Epson Printer Nozzles With Wet Tissue

Several time this error is also displayed due to some waste ink which is fallen around the head sprayer of the printer. Thus, by cleaning this wasteful ink by a wet tissue can sometimes easily fix Epson Error 0x97. So, has to follow all the steps that are provided as below.

Step1- First of all turn off your Epson printer.
Step2- Try to open the printer casing carefully.
Step3- Now take a tissue, wet it with warm water.
Step4- Then put the tissue under the print head and try to move the printer head to the centre.

Step5- Leave that tissue for 12 hours and then after 12 hrs remove that wet tissue.
Step6- Now close the printer carefully and then switch On the printer.

Check if this works for the first time or not. If not then try it again for three times. Then also you are unable to fix Epson Error 0x97. Then try another way to resolve this error.

Method 4. Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter And Install All Missing Drivers

Step1- Try to download the Windows Printing Troubleshooter.
Step2- Run the executable command and check what it detects.
Step3- Now install all the missing printers drivers. Begin by right- click on the Windows menu icon and select Device Manager.
Step4- Then goto printers
Step5- Now find out the printer issue which you are facing then right click on it and select Update Driver option.

This will allow you to automatically update your drivers within just few clicks. Thus, it is the most fastest method to update your printer drivers. Now check if you are able to fix Epson Error 0x97 or not. If not then try last technique to resolve this Epson error.

Method 5. Contact Hardware Specialist

After trying all the troubleshooting techniques you are really not able to fix Epson Error 0x97. Then it might be possible that this error is related to motherboard failure. Thus, in cases you must immediately contact the manufacturer of the printer directly without wasting the time. Report the issue to them and ask for some reliable professional help.

Hopefully, after trying all the suggested methods you will be able to fix Epson Error 0x97. But if still you are getting such issues then it is highly recommended to switch to another printer.