Easy Way To Reveal  Hidden Files From Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10

From Windows XP

  • First of all move to your desktop.
  • On My Computer icon, double click on it to open.
  • Search for the Tools menu and from this menu select the Folder option.
  • Choose the View tab from the new windows that appears on your screen.
  • To view the contents of Computer folders check in the box next.
  • To show the hidden folders and files also check the box under the Hidden files and folders section.
  • Hit on the Apply and then after OK button. Next, close the window.
  • Now your System is configured and display the all hidden Computer files and folders.

From Windows Vista

  • By minimizing or closing all open windows go to Desktop.
  • Go to the Start button which appear at the lower left corner of your desktop screen having Windows logo.
  • Now select the Control Panel option from the menu and clicked on it.
  • After opening Control Panel, you may be wither in Classic or Control Panel Home View.
  • If you are in the Classic view then open the Folder option icon by double clicking on it, select the View tab and move to step 5. But if you are in the Control Panel Home View, Go to the Appearance and Personalization link and hit on the shows hidden files or folders.
  • And then go to step 5. Under the Hidden files and folder sections hit on the next button.
    Press on Apply button and then OK. Now close the windows which appears on your screen.
    Now you have successfully able to see your all hidden files and folders.

From Windows 7

  • Go to the Start menu which appears on your desktop screen at lower-left side having Windows logo.
  • Choose Control Panel option and click to open it.
  • Under the Control Panel find out the Folder Options link.
  • Hit on the View tab.
  • Now double click over the Hidden Files or Folders under the Advanced Settings category.
  • Choose the check-box next to display all hidden files, drives or folders.
  • Press on Apply button and then click on OK. After that click on OK menu.
  • After completing procedure, you are able to expose your all hidden files and folders.

From Windows 8

Go to the Start screen and find out the Control Panel option.
Under the Control Panel scroll down to choose More Settings option.
Now a traditional looking Windows 8 Control Panel will appears on your screen. In which hit on the Appearance and Personalization link.
Under the Folder Options category, look for the show hidden files or folders option and click on it.
Under the section of Hidden files or folders, tick the button next to show your all files or folders.
Press Apply and then OK button.

From Windows 10

On your Windows 10, first of all open any folders.
At the upper left part of the screen, you will see the file, share, home and View tabs. Among all of them hit on the View tab.
Look at the right where you will see a box and line which labeled as Hidden items. On this menu click on it.
Now you will able to see the all hidden files and folders on your Windows 10 Computer.