Easy Method on How to fix “Windows cannot find cmd” error


Looking for a solution on how to fix “Windows cannot find cmd” error ? Well then, the set forth posted article is for you. It do includes proven working solution to the particular issue.

CMD (or Command Prompt) is doubtlessly a highly beneficial tool including capability of enabling users to do things quicker than they can do in the graphic interface. It furnish the users with some tools that they just cannot find in the graphic interface. CMD do supports all sorts of clever keyboard shortcuts. Now regardless of the fact that all such features are highly beneficial, CMD often creates troubles for the users. Often situation occurs in which all the attempts made to get ‘cmd’ do not works i.e., either one tries to start program via Start > Run > cmd or Start > Run > cmd.exe or Start > Run > C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe.

The same error message always flicker i.e.,

“Windows cannot find ‘cmd’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.”

Now though the problem is quite hectic to get handled, however it is advised not to get panic and instead execute the instructions listed below on how to fix “Windows cannot find cmd” error as their implementation have been proven working by technologists in figuring out the issue and getting ‘cmd’ back.

  • Check for missing file first

Try your level best to find out cmd.exe in the folder Windows\system32. Here some hints have been mentioned below that will surely help the users in evaluating the problem and to navigate in this article.

In a case if it is not there, then there is no need to get panic since according to the technologists it has been just gone from the place when it is supposed to be for being called by the system. Possibly, it got deleted by the antimalware program for being contaminated. In this situation users are required to recover the program as mentioned below and run the full system antimalware scan.
In a case if the file is located in a right place, but just not getting start. In this situation, possibilities are high that the file have got corrupted or replaced or blocked by virus. Here, users are required to check firstly onto the registry settings and if they are correct, then it is advised to replace cmd.exe with the correct copy.
If the file is in a right place and you can start it via double clicking it’s icon in System32 folder, then it is suggested to move down to the section which concerned with PATH variables and virus activities.

  • System Restore

Run System Restore and restore your respective system to the last date when ‘cmd’ was working. Now though it might require making several steps back ; nevertheless it is advised to keep in mind that going too far might lead to the requirement of reinstalling the recently installed application.

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  • Missing files

Hopefully the aforementioned step i.e., System Restore will surely help users on how to fix “Windows cannot find cmd” error but in a case if not then in that situation, users are required to restore cmd.exe and possible several other needed files. Aside, it is also suggested to check on Config.nt, WINNT\System32(for Windows 2000) or \Windows\System32folders as technologists have reported their absence leads to the issue. If these files are missing, users are advised to make attempts to find out copies of these files onto the system in the Windows\repair or winnt\repairfolders. One can also expand them from the install CD and copy to the required folder. These files are usually placed onto the CD in \1386 folder and presented as Config.nt, autoexec.nt_, command.co_./

It is additionally suggestes to make the hidden system files viewed in Explorer if required. Before reinstalling file cmd.exe from the CD, one should check whether it was updated with SP2 or not. In a case if had installed windows from CD and then install service Pack2 then in that situation the cmd.exe might be distinct.

  • For Windows XP the original size of cmd.exe is 375,808 bytes
  • For Windows XP with SP2 installed 388,608 bytes.

Hence, it is recommended to utilize SFC program instead of expanding and installing this file from the Windows CD.

Either of afore-listed solution will surely work on in fixing “Windows cannot find cmd” error