CryptoMix ransomware demands payment for fake children foundation


According to the researchers at Coveware, an old family of ransomware named CryptoMix ransomware has come back with the new campaign. In the latest or new campaign, its developers uses the detail about children, stolen from the crowdfunding sites and it is mainly trying to represent themselves as the medical children charity by claiming users that the payments made in the exchange for unlocking locked files.

Get Familiar With CryptoMix ransomware

CryptoMix ransomware is identified as the combination of CryptoWall and CryptXXX ransomware that was detected at the starting of 2016. Over the several years, it has caused lots of serious issues but it is regarded as low-profile form of encrypting virus that until appeared to have fallen off radar recently. These days, the researchers at the cyber security firm named Coveware have uncovered that the new campaign of CryptoMix ransomware has lack of notoriety with the several unpleasant trick.

Know About The Latest Campaign of CryptoMix ransomware

The new campaign of CryptoMix ransomware also initiates like other with the brute force attack that is mainly targeted the weak passwords on RDP ports. After targeting user files, it makes user files no longer openable and prevent them from accessing their files. Once following the file encryption procedure successfully, it is presented the user screen with a ransom note that tells user to send an email address to CryptoMix ransomware distributors who warn victims to not use any System security software against the CryptoMix ransomware. But now, its developers put an effort to lure victims into believing on its scam. The distributors of this ransomware appears to have taken the detail about the real children from local news or crowdfunding sites and it have notified users about the families of affected children.

No Need To Believe on Fake Stories Created By CryptoMix ransomware Developer

In the new campaigns, CryptoMix ransomware hackers claim that the children will receive the medical help and presents, if you will pay the ransom fee. It also threaten users that the amount of donation will be doubled if CryptoMix ransomware developers will not received the ransom payment within 24 hours. After viewing such a message, most of the Computer users easily get tricked by it. If you are also one of them who believed on scary message of CryptoMix ransomware then there is a bad news for you.

Tips To Prevent Yourself Against CryptoMix ransomware

In order to avoid yourself from being a victim to CryptoMix ransomware or other ransomware, you must secure your RDP ports and always be ensure that 2-factor authentication is employed on the critical systems. Additionally, you must be sure that you have a backup copy of your installed application or files. By opting some simple habits in your day-to-day life you can easily prevent yourself from being infected by CryptoMix ransomware or other variant of ransomware.