5 Best Tips To Speed Up The Google Chrome Browser


As we know that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browser. Undoubtedly, it comes with several great features but sometimes it can be slowed down. If your Chrome browser becomes too much slower and sluggish than before and looking for best solution tip to speed up the Google Chrome browser speed then you are absolutely landed at the right place.

Tips That You Must Follow To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

Tip 1 – Disables All Avoidable Extensions & Plug-ins From Google Chrome Browser

Although, Extensions and are best tools that extended functionality of Chrome browser. Some of them are really very helpful yet some of them less helpful. The extensions and plug-ins are often execute in System background and filter or parse the webpages before they are displayed on screen. To speed up Chrome’s browser speed, users must delete or disable extensions that you don’t need. To disable extensions and plug-ins, follow these instruction :

Instruction For Extensions Deletion

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser. Go to Options >>More Tools >> Extensions. Alternatively, you can type “chrome://extensions” in your Chrome’s location bar.
  • To delete extension, click on Trash icon or untick the Enable to extensions which you really want to disable.

Instruction For Plug-ins Deletion

  • In Chrome’s address bar, type “Chrome:\\plugins”.
  • To delete unwanted plugin, click on Disable button.

Tip 2 – Keep Your Google Chrome Browser Up-to-date

Likewise any System software, the best way to boost or speed up Chrome browser’s speed is by ensuring that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome browser. Your browsers should be installing the update automatically in background when user close and reopen it. Luckily, Google Chrome browser has an easy way for user to determine whether they are up-to-date. This browser comes in form of three dots icon which is usually situated at top right corner.

Colors of Dot That Represented About The Status of Chrome

  • GreyGoogle Chrome browser is ready for up-to-date.
  • GreenAn update has been available for 2 days
  • OrangeAn update has been available for 4 days
  • RedAn update has been available for 7 days

If your Chrome browser need an update, look for Update Google Chrome browser while clicking on dots. Click on it and choose Relaunch option.

Tip 3 – Clear the browsing data of your Google Chrome browser

To speed up the Chrome’s browser, you must clear your browsing data on regular basis. In order to clean browsing data, press “CTRL + H” key simultaneously on your keyword. This command will be directly taken to your web history. Now, click on “Clear browsing data…” and choose “the beginning of time” in drop down box. To choose unwanted stuffs or things which you really want to clear tick the boxes and click on “Clear browsing data”.

Tip 4 – Enable The Experimental Canvas Features of Google Chrome Browser

To boost up or speed up the performance of browser, you must enable the feature of Experimental Canvas because this feature allow browser to make use of the opaque canvases in order to amplify the boost performance and loading times. To enable this feature, follow these instruction :

  • Go to ‘chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features’
  • Click on the Enable button.
  • After that click on ‘Relaunch Now’ button.

Tip 5 – Use Data Saver Extension To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

‘Data Saver’ extension often helps user to reduce the data usage by using the Google servers in order to optimize entire visited pages. When you use this extension, the Google Chrome browsers starts using Google servers to compress the visited pages before downloading them. Through these way, this extension will definitely help you to enhance or boost your Chrome browser speed.