Remove Ransom Prank Ransomware : Effective Tips To Remove Ransomware From Infected Windows


Ransom Prank Ransomware : Latest research report

Ransom Prank Ransomware is found as a new encryption ransomware. It belongs to a category of system threat which encrypts the victims files like many others ransom virus that currently active but this one does not encrypts the users data. This kind of system threat believes on lockscreen, which are message to avoid users to access their desktop and programs to terrify the victims into believing them that their system has been attacked by a severe infection. This ransom infection is firstly suspected as a part of a very large spam email campaign that took place in the end of the August 2017. The spam emails is used to deliver the infection to your systems. This infection spreading techniques is also used for similar other malware distribution among cyber users significantly. It also follows several other infecting methods to infect your system using stealth.

remove Ransom Prank Ransomware

More information about Ransom Prank Ransomware


Ransom Prank Ransomware





Ransom demand

$100 in Bitcoins


Spam emails attachments, Corrupt files, infected codes etc.

Infected systems

Windows OS

How does Ransom Prank Ransomware get installed on your system?

Ransom Prank Ransomware may attack on your system by employing various ways. Several common ways are through spam email attachments that may carried the infectious files of infection executables. When you download on your system then it gets executed automatically and spread on the entire system. Moreover installation of freeware or shareware may install ransom virus files on your system along with the source file executable on system. File sharing sites, visit of harmful sites and several other ways are responsible for the ransom attack on your system. So you should be careful while installation.

How does Ransom Prank Ransomware operate?

After successful intrusion this Ransom Prank Ransomware will start making changes into your Windows Start-Up programs to ensure that run automatically with every boot of the PC. When the user start system and log in then it start to run instead loading of Windows on the desktop. Then after it displays a lockscreen with a message that avoids users to bypass it. You may find unable to use your task manager and keyboard shortcuts because the malware disables all. It is also uniquely designed to prevent users from following removal by using anti-malware on the compromised PC.

So removal of Ransom Prank Ransomware is the only option that can save your system and data. You can perform it by using a trusted anti-malware on the infected PC.   

French Supprimer Ransom Prank Ransomware: Conseils efficaces pour supprimer Ransomware des fenêtres infectées
Italian Rimuovere Ransom Prank Ransomware: suggerimenti efficaci per rimuovere Ransomware da Windows infetti
German Entfernen Ransom Prank Ransomware: Effektive Tipps zum Entfernen von Ransomware aus infizierten Windows
Polish Usuń Ransom Prank Ransomware: skuteczne porady, aby usunąć Ransomware przed zainfekowanym systemem Windows
Portugese Remova Ransom Prank Ransomware: Dicas eficazes para remover Ransomware de Windows infectado
Spanish Eliminar Ransom Prank Ransomware: Consejos eficaces para eliminar Ransomware de Windows infectado

Step A: Take Down Ransom Prank Ransomware From Safe Mode

Step B: Using System Restore

Step C: Using File Recovery Software

Step D: Restore Copied Copies Of Encrypted Data In The Background

Follow Steps to Get Rid Of Ransom Prank Ransomware From Windows System

Step A: How to Start Windows System in Safe Mode with Network In order to isolate files and entries created by Ransom Prank Ransomware, users need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Select WIN Key + R in Combination.

  • This will open a Run Window, Now Type sysconfig and hit on Enter.
  • Now a Configuration box will appear. Now select the Tab named as Boot.
  • Click and mark Safe Boot option >> go to Network.
  • In order to Apply the settings, Select on OK.

Step B: How To Restore System During Ransom Prank Ransomware Attack

Still, if you are facing problem in rebooting Windows System in Safe mode, opt for System Restore. Follow the steps given below. Prss F8 continously until you get Windows Advanced Options Menu on Computer Monitor. Now Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt Option and Tap enter.

  • In the Command Prompt Windows, you need to type this command : cd restore and Select Enter system-restore-1

  • Now type rstrui.exe as command and press on Enter.

  • This will open a new window to Restore System Files and Settings. Click on Next to proceed.

  • Restore Point is to be selected from the date you want to restore back your system as it was earlier to Ransom Prank Ransomware attack.

Step C: Another method for recovering your decrypted files are by using file recovery software

If above methods are not successful you can go for file recovery software. It can be helpful in recovering your encrypted files as Ransom Prank Ransomware first makes a copy of original files and then encrypt it. After encryption it Get Rid Ofs the original files. So there is high probability that these file recovery software can help you in recovering your original files.

Step D: Know How To Restore Shadow Copies of Encrypted Data

In certain cases, if Ransom Prank Ransomware has not Get Rid Ofd the Shadow Copies of the data then it can be easily restored using ShadowExplorer. (Know how to install and use ShadowExplorer).